Neurology Memory Clinic

At the neurology memory clinic, we diagnose the:

  • Causes of early-onset dementia
  • Neurological causes behind cognitive aging and older onset dementia

We guide and support you and your caregiver from the time you learn about your memory issues. Our team has deep experience in diagnosing the causes of early onset dementia (memory issues at a younger age) and the neurological causes behind memory challenges as patients get older. Our goal is to assure that you feel supported and well-educated about your condition.

We provide you with evidence-based medicine and supportive care. We help you and your caregiver to manage symptoms and learn about on-going concerns.

We diagnose and treat issues related to:

  • Behavior changes
  • Memory loss and forgetfulness
  • Thinking and understanding

Some of the primary conditions we treat include the following. Most of these links go to our Healthwise® Health Encyclopedia.