Reproductive Genetics

Most pregnancies result in healthy babies, but three to five percent of all babies are born with complexities regardless of a mother's personal medical history, age, or environmental exposures. For this reason, we provide the option of screening and diagnostic tests during your pregnancy. Screening and tests can be useful in determining your baby's level of risk for complications or specific genetic conditions. You can speak with our Reproductive Genetics Program counselors at any time to determine if testing is right for you.

About the Reproductive Genetics Program

Our program is comprised of genetic counselors, sonographers, radiologists, and maternal fetal medicine doctors all of whom work together to help you understand risk, testing, and care.

If you have concerns about your pregnancy, or if your care team has suggested you speak with us, we will work with you to diagnose conditions which may affect you or your baby. In the event your tests have an abnormal result, one of our genetic counselors can discuss what the results mean for you and your baby. They will also be able to explore additional testing or pregnancy management. Our team is there to answer questions and to help you make informed decisions. The decision for additional testing, or how to manage your pregnancy, is entirely yours.

About genetic counseling

Genetic counseling is a dedicated time for you and your family to meet with our counselors to discuss family, medical and pregnancy history; risks or concerns; and testing options. You may wish to meet with our counselors if you:

  • Have a personal or family history of genetic diseases, infertility, miscarriages or stillbirths.
  • Are trying to decide if prenatal testing is right for you.
  • Have experienced an abnormal prenatal test.
  • Have, or at risk of having, certain high risk conditions during your pregnancy.
  • Are concerned about having taken certain medications, or had environmental exposures during your pregnancy.
  • Have an ethnic background which places your baby at a higher risk for certain genetic conditions.